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Baudrillard, simulations, simulacra, hyperreal, imaginary stations

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Colorado State University
E 341
Aparna Gollapudi

25 September Baudrillard: Simulations and Simulacra Basic idea of Baudrillard: We are now in a new era of simulation where, because of computerization, information processing, media, cybernetic control systems etc., distinctions between real and virtual, experience and model, depth and surface, authentic and apparent is constantly being eroded. Why would the “inner” or “deeper” meaning of a text be more important than the surface meaning? Compare to “high” vs. “low” art The present is an “age of simulacra and simulation”. Simulacrum: Dictionary meaning: Insubstantial form or semblance of something, Image The current age is dominated by third phase of the successive series of image-reality relationship he delineates 1. Image reflects a basic reality 2. Image masks and perverts a basic reality 3. Image masks the absence of a basic reality 4. Image bears no relation to any reality whatever, it is its own pure simulacrum Simulacrum as used by Baudrillard: a sign or an image that masks the absence of a basic reality; a copy without an original. Signs no longer correspond to or mask their “real-life” referent but replace it in a world or autonomous ‘floating signifiers’ or ‘empty’ signifiers. The current age dominate
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