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Jekyll and Hyde, society

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E 350
Ellen Brinks

9 AprilWhat social pressures prompt Jekyll to create HydeHe feels that he is two different personas upright and immoral and wishes to be pure duplicity must repress desires afraid of losing statuscredibilitywealth managing money responsiblyOn the flipside what personal social solutions does Hyde seem to offer JekyllHe is able to devote his time to goodness Hyde doesnt feel pressure to conform to society Hyde acts on Jekylls pleasures physical identity changedAside from Jekylls explanation that his evil self is much less exercised and much less exhausted than his better self why do you think it is necessary for Hydes character to look so uncanny or grotesque to societyWhy not less creepily disguise HydeMakes it easier to break Hyde away from Jekyll no one can mix Hyde up with anyone else he is less relatable and easier to cast off as bad Hyde does not fit in
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