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Jekyll and Hyde, abjection, animals, drugs, older generation, homosexual desire, Ruins of a Great House, colonial haunting, literary haunting, Dawn of the Dead

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Colorado State University
E 350
Ellen Brinks

16 AprilJekyll and HydeWhy does The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde end with Jekylls confession rather than with Mr Uttersons narrative as a frameWhat role do readers now have in terms of judging a figure or figures Jekyll and Hyde criminalized or condemnedSolidify beliefproofRemoves automatic judging since its not from Uttersons point of viewResponsibility of readerLeft to imagine outcomeHyde is afraid of Jekyll committing suicideJekyll hopes Hyde will commit suicideHydefreedomHyde needs a havenCulturalsocial fears and desires get displaced or abjected thrown off onto the monsterSociety faces its repressed when it reacts to the monster HydeHyde as animalMonkey hand something troglodyticCries out like a ratSnarled aloud into a savage laughResidues of earlier evolutionary stages in contemporary humanityShows fear of going nativeNot truly morally superiorLurefear of drugsPleasure of intoxicationFear of addictionFreedom and bondageCycle
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