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The Shining, the fantastic, Frankenstein, form of the novel, Victor's motives, monstrosity

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Colorado State University
E 350
Ellen Brinks

19 FebruaryThe ShiningThe FantasticTzvetan TodorovBalancing line between the imaginarypsychological and the supernaturalJack has a history of alcoholism and child abuse so maybe hes hallucinatingbut at the end we know it is supernaturalDanny could be voicing through Tony his own fearsor supernatural ESPIt lasts as long as we dont know which it isEg Room 237 whatever happens to Danny in Room 237 Lloyd as hallucination or ghost other occurrences in the gold ballroomThe fantastic is sustained until Grady opens the pantry doorThe Overlook representing the pastPhotographs everywhere1920s Leisure ClassBuilt on Indian burial groundJack fits into the hotelfamily dynamic controlling Wendy does the work pleasure seeking Roaring 20s alcohol doesnt have to really work for a living nostalgia for a world that he thinks is easierMazeactual model car driving as if in a maze carpet patternsMinotaurhalf man half beast ate childrenDanny escapes grows Jack is trappedJack seems to be in control but he is overlooking the realityHalloranBlack man is sacrificed for the white woman and sonMagical Negroblack figure used to aid abet foster story of white people have some sort of wisdomShares shining with Danny a child
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