Sucrose, honey, corn syrup, diabetes

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Food Sci+Human Nutrition
FSHN 125
John Avens

4 OctoberLearning Exercise 45Honey differs from refined sucrose table sugar in that itAIs sucrose digested by beesBDoesnt contain glucose or fructoseCIs more healthful to eatDB and C onlyEA B and CLearning ObjectiveWrite the differences between refined sucrose and natural honey in terms of plant sources manufacturing facility and structural componentsSucroserefined from sugar cane sugar beets maple sap in a processing factoryGlucoseOfructose equal amountsSucrose digested in intestine to glucose and fructoseHoneynaturally produced by bees from flower nectar sucrose dissolved in water of most plants in a beehiveContains glucose and fructose more fructose than glucoseCorn starchpartial hydrolysiscorn syrupCorn starchcomplete hydrolysisdextrose glucoseisomerization via enzymesfructoseHydrolysis performed by enzymes andor acidsNectar pulled in bees stomach from flower
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