Weight loss, healthy diet

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Colorado State University
Food Sci+Human Nutrition
FSHN 125
John Avens

11 October Learning Exercise #51 Successful weight-loss programs: A. Control food energy intake B. Recommend physical activity C. Include a psychological component D. A and B only *E. A, B, and C Learning Objective What are three aspects of a healthy diet? Variety Balance Moderation Successful weight-loss program components Nutrition Controlling energy intake Exercise Physical activity Support Behavioral modification Shopping Plans Activities Holidays and parties Eating behavior Reward Self-monitoring Cognitive restructuring Portion control Successful weight-loss program characteristics Encourages slow and steady weight loss, rather than rapid weight loss, to promote lasting weight *Sets goal of 1 pound of fat loss per week Includes a period of weight maintenance for a few months after 10% of body weight is lost Evaluates need for further dieting before more weight loss begins Supports participation in normal activities (e.g., parties, restaurants) Adapts to individual habits and tastes Meets nutrient needs (except for energy needs) Includes common foods, with no foods being promoted as magical or special Recommends a fortified ready-to-eat breakfast cereal or balanced multivitamin/mineral supplement, especially when intake is less than 1600 kcal per day Uses MyPlate as a pattern for food choices Focuses on maintenance of healthy lifestyle (and weight
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