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Food Sci+Human Nutrition
FSHN 125
John Avens

13 September Learning Exercise #22 Aspartame is: A. A carbohydrate B. “Generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) C. Carcinogenic in experimental rats D. B and C only E. None of above Learning Objective Explain why humans require protein in their diets. (Functions of protein) *Producing vital body structures Maintaining fluid balance Contributing to acid-base balance Forming hormones and enzymes Contributing to immune function Forming glucose Providing energy Contributing to satiety *Primary function Learning Exercise #23 A (The) function(s) of food protein in the human is (are): A. Required for formation of enzymes B. To maintain fluid balance in blood and body tissues C. Production of antibodies D. A and B only E. A, B and C Learning Objective Explain the structural composition of protein, in terms of: Subunits (amino acids) Variety Specificity Cause of difference in variety and specificity Length & shape of chain Frequency & different amino acids Order of amino acids Learning Objective Explain where/how humans obtain all of the 20 required amino acids Synthesis in body cells Food Animal sources
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