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Food Sci+Human Nutrition
FSHN 125
John Avens

15 November Learning Exercise #88 What/who are places or people at CSU you could go to for reliable diagnosis, advice, and treatment of nutritional diseases or disorders? A. Dr. Jack Avens, FSHN 125 professor B. Hartshorn Health Service C. Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition D. A and C only E. B and C only Learning Objective Where do people go for nutrition information? Probably reliable* May be unreliable Places Printed materials/media People Places University health services* Hospitals* Diet centers/programs Health food stores Health clubs Associations (ADA, AHA, ACS, NCI)* Commodity organizations (USDA, FDA, Dairy Council, Beef Council, AEB)* County extension offices* Print/media Books/textbooks TV/radio Internet Newspapers/magazines Pamphlets Phone book – yellow pages Food labels* People Relatives Friends Trainer/coach Athletes Teachers Celebrities Pharmacist Doctors Nurses Nutritionists Dietitians Learning Exercise #89 What are print or other media sources you can consistently depend on for reliable information and advice on prevention and treatment of nutritional diseases or disorders? A. Books on nutrition in books stores B. Internet (www), television, and radio C. Newspapers and magazines D. A, B, and C *E. None of above Learning
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