Protein quality/sources, vegetarian types

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Food Sci+Human Nutrition
FSHN 125
John Avens

18 September Learning Exercise #27 Human muscle contains some of the same amino acids that were in the protein of the plants that the human ate. A. True B. False Learning Objective Explain the difference between: Complete (higher quality) protein Incomplete (lower quality) protein, in food Which are the highest quality protein? Human mother’s milk (for humans) Next best: chicken eggs Next: cow’s milk Why? Supplies all necessary amino acids Which are the lowest quality? Fruits and vegetables (particularly fruits) Beans and legumes Measure of Protein Quality Biological value – percent of food protein (amino acids) absorbed that is retained in the human body (metabolized into tissue) Human milk 98% Chicken eggs 94% Cow’s milk 85% Fish 78% Red meat 76% Poultry meat 75% Grain 60% Beans 40% Learning Objective In terms of “essential amino acids”, explain what is meant by: “complementary proteins” and give an example. Grains Wheat Oats Rice Corn Seeds/Nuts Sesame Sunflower Walnuts Legumes Beans Peas/peanuts Lentils All incomplete protein sources by themselves Complement grains with legumes Or seeds/nuts with legumes Intake all essential amino acids Grains and seeds/nuts cannot be compleme
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