Dietary fat, saturated vs. unsaturated

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Food Sci+Human Nutrition
FSHN 125
John Avens

20 September Learning Exercise #30 The primary function of food fat (triglycerides) in the human is *A. Provides energy B. Regulates body processes C. Provides body tissue structure Learning Objective What are the functions of dietary fat in the human? *Providing energy Transporting fat-soluble vitamins Essential fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic) *Primary function Learning Objective Explain the structural composition of fat (glyceride), in terms of Subunits (fatty acids, glycerol) Triglyceride made of 3 fatty acids bonded to glycerol Most food fats are triglycerides Variety Specificity What causes variety and specificity? Characteristics (variety, specificity) caused by Number of fatty acids 1 = monoglyceride 2 = diglyceride 3 = triglyceride Fatty acid carbon chain length Degree of unsaturation Learning Objective Explain the differences between Saturated fats Unsaturated fats In terms of What is saturated? Carbon bonding
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