Scientific method, controlled experiment

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Food Sci+Human Nutrition
FSHN 125
John Avens

23 August Learning Exercise #1 In applying the “scientific method”, which is the correct order of occurrence? A. Theory, hypotheses, problem, experiments B. Problem, experiments, theory, hypotheses C. Problem, hypotheses, experiments, theory D. Experiments, problem, hypotheses, theory Testimonies – personal experiences. Not valid evidence on which to base nutrition-health-related recommendations. May be true. Scientific method – used to seek knowledge of truth (facts) in a deliberate manner unbiased by human desires for or beliefs of the nature of truth Scientific Method …to know the truth HOW? By: observation of facts Ask questions Answers define problem Hypotheses – possible explanations for problem Investigate hypotheses by conducting experiments Confirmed hypothesis – model to make predictions Investigate predictions by Conducting experiments If predictions are confirmed by experimental data, a theo
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