Electrolytes, sodium, hypertension, iron

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Colorado State University
Food Sci+Human Nutrition
FSHN 125
John Avens

23 October Learning Exercise #60 Compared to: #1.Recommended, safe, “Adequate Intake” of sodium and #2. “Range of typical intake” of sodium per day, the amount of sodium “really needed” by normal healthy adults, per day is: *A. Less than #1 and #2 B. Between #1 and #2 C. Greater than #1 and #2 D. Equal to #1 Learning Objective In the human body, electrolytes (Na , Cl, K ) function in Fluid balance Nerve impulse conduction Learning Objective Compare: “really needed” Sodium per day: 200 mg with: “Adequate Intake” (AI) Sodium per day (safe): 1500 mg with: “range of typical intake” Sodium per day: 2300 – 4700 mg Learning Objective Describe in your own words: essential hypertension Learning Objective Why should the disease, essential hypertension be controlled or treated? Prevent cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, strokes, and related declines in brain function, poor blood circulation in the legs, problems with vision, sudden death Learning Exercise #61 What factor(s) tend(s) to be related to high blood pressure, at least in some people? A. Age and inactivity B. Atherosclerosis C. Obesity and sodium intake D. Sodium intake only *E. A, B, and C Learning Objective What are factors related to high blood pressure? Family history of hypertension Age Atherosclerosis Overweight/obesity Inactivity Excess alcohol intake Excess salt (in some people) How to prevent hypertension Lose excess weight Follow a DASH diet Exercise daily Limit sodium
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