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Food Sci+Human Nutrition
FSHN 125
John Avens

30 August Learning Exercise #7 To label foods “Natural” it is legally required that the foods: A. Are not changed by processing after agricultural production and harvest B. May not contain synthetic or artificial ingredients C. May not be more than “minimally processed” D. A and B only E. B and C only What do the words “natural”, “healthy”, “organic” on a food label mean? “Natural” foods – implied: Are not changed by processing after agricultural production and harvest? May not contain synthetic or artificial ingredients* May not be more than “minimally processed”?? *Only legal requirement for labeling foods “natural” All organic fertilizers, including: Animal manure Plant compost Rock phosphate Must break down into inorganic “chemical” molecules before they can be used by growing plants Both: natural “organic chemical” fertilizers and synthetic “inorganic chemical” fertilizers contain: Nitrogen, potassium, & phosphate Needed by growing plants These inorganic chemicals are identical whether from synthetic or natural sources The growing plant can’t tell the difference and foods produced by both types of fertilizer are nutritionally healthy and safe to eat. Learning Exercise #8 The inorganic chemicals, nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate are:
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