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FSHN 125 Lecture Notes - Electrolyte

2 pages71 viewsFall 2012

Food Sci+Human Nutrition
Course Code
FSHN 125
John Avens

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21 August
Learning Objectives
What is “nutrition”? (Chapter 1, page 8)
What are the six classes of nutrients? (Chapter 1, pages 11 – 13)
What are the three major functions of nutrients? (1:11)
What is an enzyme? (1:12)
What are: RDA, AI, DRI, EER, UL, DV? (2:48 – 50)
Learning Exercise
Which of the following are “nutrients”?
A. Sugars, starches, and amino acids
B. Fats, and oils
C. Vitamins, minerals, and water
D. A and C only
E. A, B, and C
(1:7, 11, 12, 13)
What is a compound that speeds the rate of a chemical process but is not altered by the
A. Nutrient (1:11)
B. Enzyme (1:12)
C. Hormone (Glossary: G-6)
D. Electrolyte (1:13)
E. Lipid (1:12)
The specific nutrient intake to meet the needs of nearly all healthy people in a particular
age and gender group is:
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