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FSHN 125 Lecture Notes - Coconut Oil, Homeostasis, Hypercholesterolemia

3 pages121 viewsFall 2012

Food Sci+Human Nutrition
Course Code
FSHN 125
John Avens

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25 September
Learning Exercise #33
Humans require cholesterol in their:
A. Body
B. Diet
C. A and B
D. Neither A not B
Learning Objective
What is “cholesterol”?
Animal sterol
Solid at room temperature
Insoluble in water
Learning Exercise #34
A vegan-vegetarian, having no animal cholesterol in their diet, will:
*A. Manufacture more cholesterol in their body than non-vegetarians
B. Have much less cholesterol in their blood and body cells than non-
C. Have no cholesterol in their body
D. Have only vegetable-cholesterol in their body
E. B and D only
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