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FSHN 125 Lecture Notes - Health Promotion, Dietary Supplement, Behavior Modification

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Food Sci+Human Nutrition
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FSHN 125
John Avens

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29 November
Learning Exercise #94
Variety, balance, and moderation (VBM) can be obtained in a single meal prepared and
served at:
A. Home
B. Expensive full service restaurants
C. “Fast food” restaurants such as McDonald’s
D. A and B only
*E. A, B, and C
Learning Exercise #95
Variety, balance, and moderation (VBM) in food should be supplemented with:
A. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs
B. Regular physical exercise
C. Behavioral modification
*D. B and C only
E. A, B, and C
BEWARE of indicators of food myths and nutrition misinformation
Quoting from scientific research journals, out of context to support opinion
Diet with a single major item
Quick and easy, but expensive, solutions to complex problems such as health and
chronic disease
Glucose toxicity
Computer health profiles
Media reporting a “new” or “secret scientific breakthrough”
Health-promoting, disease diagnosing, “professionals”, with dubious credentials, directly
selling a product to cure the disease they diagnosed
With an adequate balanced diet, “dietary supplements” provide no significant additional:
Curative properties
Health promotion
Effect on aging process
Learning Exercise #96
“Dietary supplements” including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbal remedies,
have all been evaluated by FDA and found to be safe and effective for:
A. Preventing specific diseases
B. Treating specific diseases
C. Curing specific diseases
D. A, B, and C
E. None of above

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