Mixed nerve, cortex, spinal cord

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Colorado State University
Health + Exercise Science
HES 319
Brian Tracy

3 February Vibrating motors on tendons Muscle spindles fire Stretch receptors Tonic input → rhythmic, walking Takes a bit to get started Combine vibrating motors and magnetic stimulation Very strong stepping Paraplegic Support body weight Voluntary commands – movements Lokomat Robotic treadmill-mounted exoskeleton Support body weight Natural range of motion in walking Stimulate neural circuits to preserve them Mixed nerve – efferent and afferent traffic Bigger nerves Includes capillaries (dedicated blood supply, vaso nervorum, provide blood, oxygen, nutrients, throughout nerve), diverse packages of nerves Larger nerves – higher conduction velocity, faster action potential α is biggest The Cortex Different brain areas carry out very specific functions The different areas are interconnected, via specific pathways, in an exquisitely complex fashion Different areas of the body are represented (mapped out, or topographically represented) on the surface of the brain in a similar fashion between individuals The amount of brain surface devoted to a body part primarily depends on the number and density of sensory receptors or motor neurons in the body part John Hughlings Jackson (1800’s) Had epileptic patients Uncontrolled (spontaneous) excitation starting in one part of the brain, travels across surface of brain like wave Can be motor or sensory Realized body parts have corresponding organization in brain Penfield Brain surgery attempting to cure epilepsy Experiments – micro stimulation to brain part, record what part of body responds Detailed mapping Efferent and afferent signals are sent into and out of the brain via the spinal cord. These signals are relayed or processed through the brain stem and several other areas. The corpus callosum connects the left and right hemispheres. Communication between side
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