Vision, vestibular afferents, vestibulo-ocular reflex, reflexes, modification of reflexes

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Colorado State University
Health + Exercise Science
HES 319
Brian Tracy

3 March Mode of sensation is transmitted by design of receptor Intensity of stimulus is transmitted by firing rate of action potentials Duration of stimulus is transmitted via rapidly and slowly adapting receptors Rapidly fire when intensity of stimulus is changing Slowly adapting inform on maintained stimulus Muscle spindle Senses stretch – change in length of muscle Informs brain of joint position – proprioception Tonic muscle tone Vision Visual signals are transmitted from the retina to the visual area of the thalamus. Different cell populations are responsible for interpreting form and motion. Visual information is transmitted to other areas of the cortex and integrated with other sensory signals. E.g. edge detection cells Vestibular afferents Vestibular afferents provide information to the CNS about linear and angular acceleration of the head. Important for staying upright, protecting the head The utricle and saccule detect linear acceleration. The semicircular canals detect angular acceleration. Filled with viscous fluid (endolymph) The hair cells detect movement of surrounding fluid. Defection → depolarization Complex patterns of sensory information are transmitted via the eighth cranial nerve and integrated in the cerebellum and other sensory areas. Vestibulo-ocular reflexes enable constant eye positions during head movements. Vestibulo-spinal reflexes
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