Fiber arrangement in series/parallel, muscle architecture, control of submaximal motor forces

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Health + Exercise Science
HES 319
Brian Tracy

9 April Fiber arrangement/muscle architecture Sarcomeres (contractile units) either in series or parallel In series Large excursions (change in length) High contraction velocities ΔL = n Δl ΔL – total change in length n - # sarcomeres Δl – amount each can change length In parallel Smaller excursions High muscle forces F = nf F – total force n -# sarcomeres f – force each can exert Muscle Architecture The architectural features of a muscle affect force production considerably A pennated arrangement allows for more fibers in the same volume of muscle Pennated muscles – in parallel The arrangement of fibers in a muscle differs depending on muscle Biceps must change length a lot – shoulder and elbow. In series Vastus lateralis – pennated, fibers at angle, in parallel Physiological cross sectional area is the cross sectional area taken perpendicular to the muscle fibers Pennated muscles produce more force than a non-pennated muscle of the same volume – greater cross-sectional area Properties of muscle that are unrelated to the magnitude of the de
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