Ch 7 Lecture Outline

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Colorado State University
Human Development and Family Studies
HDFS 101
Jennifer Aberle

UNIT 2Topic 3 Early ChildhoodPhysical and Cognitive Development in Early ChildhoodPlease note this is an outline of the lecture and the relevant content for Chapter 7 Please structure the notes in a way that facilitate your notetaking and assist you in your readingAIn This Topic1Physical Changes2Cognitive Changes3Changes in Language4Differences in IntelligenceBPhysical Changes1The Growing Child2Growth and Motor DevelopmentaIn early childhood1Physical changes slow2Gains in major locomotor skills CThe Brain and Nervous System1HandednessaRight or left Not right or wrongDHealth and Wellness1Eating patternsaPreschoolers1Often eat less than when babies2GrazersbChallenges1Food aversions dont like certain foods2Family conflictaYou have to finish everything or you cant have dessertc9 months to 36 months put anything in their mouthsdCognition and ExperienceDevelopment of TasteEHealth and Wellness1Illnesses and Accidents
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