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Colorado State University
Human Development and Family Studies
HDFS 101
Jennifer Aberle

UNIT 2Topic 3 Early ChildhoodSocial and Personality Development in Early ChildhoodPlease note this is an outline of the lecture and the relevant content for Chapter 8 Please structure the notes in a way that facilitate your notetaking and assist you in your readingIn This Topic1Theories of social and personality development2Personality and selfconcept3Gender development4Family relationships and structure5Peer relationshipsBTheories of Social and Personality DevelopmentPsychoanalytic Perspectives1Freud gain control over bodily functions and renegotiate parent relationships2Eriksonagreed w Freud with added focus on social skills developmentaAutonomy versus Shame and DoubtbInitiative versus GuiltCTheories of Social and Personality DevelopmentSocialCognitive Perspectives1Person perception increasing ability to classify otheraUse category trait labelsbCategorize based on observation characteristicsDTheories of Social and Personality DevelopmentSocialCognitive Perspectives1Understanding Rule Categories Social conventionsMoral rules2Understanding Others Intentions to some degreeaPunishment is for intentional actsbActors intentions mattercChoices bound by consequencesEPersonality and SelfConcept A Brief Overview1Goodness of fit Does temperament fit environment Parents provide things based on temperament
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