Deaf children, ASL, translation

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Colorado State University
Language-Amer Sign Lang
LSGN 109
Deanne Seitz

12 September Most deaf people are raised in hearing families – 90% Only 10% of Deaf children are born into a native visual language readily accessible to them A common language. Communication. Knowledge Schooling deaf children: seemed logical to collect them in one place to address their common language/learning needs In 1880, there was an international conference of deaf educators, the Second International Congress on Education of the Deaf. At this conference, held September, 1880, a declaration was made that oral education (teaching the deaf to read lips and use their voice) was better than manual (sign language) education. A resolution was passed banning sign language. Sign language was banned/forbidden at schools for the deaf. For more than 70 years a shameful stigma was associated with using sign language. Mid 1970’s ASL achieved recognition as a unique language, different from English No
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