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Life Science
LIFE 102

Individual phospholipid movement within a membrane bilayer is best described as (Lateral) Solute concentration is greater outside the cell, what kind of solution is this? (Hypertonic) • Tonicity is the ability of a solution to cause a cell to gain or lose water • Isotonic Solution Solute concentration is the same as that inside the cell, no net water movement across the plasma membrane • Hypertonic Solute concentration is greater outside the cell, cell loses water • Facilitated Diffusion transport proteins speed the passive movement of molecules across the plasma membrane • Channel proteins ~ Provide corridors that allow a specific molecule or iron to cross the membrane ~ Aquaporins- for facilitated diffusion of water ~ Ion channels that open or close in response to a stimulus (gated channels) • Carrier proteins undergo a subtle change in a shape that translocates the solute across the membrane • Active Transport ~ Moves substances against their concentration gradient ~ Requires energy, usually in the form of ATP ~ Performed by specific proteins embedded in the membranes ~ Allows cells to maintain concentration gradients that differ from their surroundings • The sodium potassium pump is an active transport system • Cytoplasmic Na+ binds to the sodium-potassium pump • Na+ binding stimulates phosphorylation by ATP • Phosphorylation causes the protein to change its shape. Na+ is expelled to the outside • K+ b
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