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Regulation of cellular respiration, photosynthesis, chloroplasts, light reactions, sunlight, pigments

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Louis Bjostad

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2 MarchRegulation of Cellular Respiration via Feedback MechanismsFeedback inhibition is the most common mechanism for controlIf ATP concentration begins to drop respiration speeds up when there is plenty of ATP respiration slows downControl of catabolism is based mainly on regulating the activity of enzymes at strategic points in the catabolic pathwayKnow why phosphofructokinase is an important enzymeOverview The Process That Feeds the BiospherePhotosynthesis is the process that converts solar energy into chemical energyDirectly or indirectly photosynthesis nourishes almost the entire living worldAutotrophs sustain themselves without eating anything derived from other organismsAutotrophs are the producers of the biosphere producing organic molecules from CO 2and other inorganic moleculesAlmost all plants are photoautotrophs using the energy of sunlight to make organic molecules from HO and CO22Photosynthesis occurs in plants algae certain other protists and some prokaryotesThese organisms feed not only themselves but also most of the living worldHeterotrophs obtain their organic material from other organismsHeterotrophs are the consumers of the biosphereAlmost all heterotrophs including humans depend on photoautotrophs for food and O2Concept 101 Photosynthesis converts light energy in the chemical energy of foodChloroplasts are structurally similar to and likely evolved from photosynthetic bacteriaThe structural organization of these cells allows for the chemical reactions of photosynthesisChloroplasts The Sites of Photosynthesis in Plants
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