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Gene mapping, abnormal chromosome number, alterations of chromosome structure, Down syndrome, aneuploidy of sex chromosomes

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LIFE 102
Louis Bjostad

4 AprilMapping the Distance Between Genes Using Recombination Data Scientific InquiryAlfred Sturtevant one of Morgans students constructed a genetic map an ordered list of the genetic loci along a particular chromosomeSturtevant predicted that the farther apart two genes are the higher the probability that a crossover will occur between them and therefore the higher the recombination frequencyA linkage map is a genetic map of a chromosome based on recombination frequenciesDistances between genes can be expressed as map units one map unit or centimorgan represents a 5 recombination frequencyMap units indicate relative distance and order not precise locations of genesGenes that are far apart on the same chromosome can have a recombination frequency of 50Such genes are physically linked but genetically unlinked and behave as if found on different chromosomesSturtevant used recombination frequencies to make linka
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