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Photosystem, linear electron flow, chemiosmosis, Calvin cycle

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Life Science
LIFE 102
Louis Bjostad

4 MarchA Photosystem A ReactionCenter Complex Associated with LightHarvesting ComplexesA photosystem consists of a reactioncenter complex a type of protein complex surrounded by lightharvesting complexesThe lightharvesting complexes pigment molecules bound to proteins funnel the energy of photons to the reaction centerA primary electron acceptor in the reaction center accepts an excited electron from chlorophyll aSolarpowered transfer of an electron from a chlorophyll a molecule to the primary electron acceptor is the first step of the light reactionsThere are two types of photosystems in the thylakoid membranePhotosystem II PS II functions firstThe numbers reflect the order of discoveryPS II is best at absorbing a wavelength of 680 nanometersThe reactioncenter chlorophyll a
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