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Mutation, sexual reproduction, gene pools, allele frequencies, Hardy-Weinberg equation, genetic drift, gene flow, sexual selection, preservation of genetic variation

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Colorado State University
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Louis Bjostad

6 MayConcept 231 Mutation and sexual reproduction produce the genetic variation that makes evolution possibleTwo processes mutation and sexual reproduction produce the variation in gene pools that contributes to differences among individualsMutationMutations are changes in the nucleotide sequence of DNAMutations cause new genetics and alleles to ariseOnly mutations in cells that produce gametes can be passed to offspringPoint MutationsA point mutation is a change in one base in a geneThe effects of point mutations can varyMutations in noncoding regions of DNA are often harmlessMutations in a gene might not affect protein production because of redundancy in the genetic codeMutations that result in a change in protein production are often harmfulMutations that result in a change in protein production can sometimes increase the fit between organism and environmentMutations That Alter Gene Number or SequenceChromosomal mutations that delete disrupt or rearrange many loci are typically harmfulDuplication of large chromosome segments is usually harmfulDuplication of small pieces of DNA is sometimes less harmful and increases the genome sizeDuplicated genes can take on new functions by further mutationSexual ReproductionSexual reproduction can shuffle existing alleles into new combinations
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