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Microfilaments, intermediate filaments, centrosomes, centrioles, cilia, flagella, plant cell walls, extracellular matrix, intercellular junction, cellular membranes, fluidity

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Life Science
LIFE 102
Louis Bjostad

7 FebruaryMicrofilamentsLike a rope resist pulling forcesForm a 3D network called the cortex just inside the plasma membrane to support the cells shapeMaintenance of cell shapeChanges in cell shapeMuscle contractionCytoplasmic streamingCell motilityCell divisionIntermediate FilamentsMaintenance of cell shapeAnchorage of nucleus and certain other organellesFormation of nuclear laminaMade of keratinMany strands twisted togetherCentrosomes and CentriolesIn many cells microtubules grow out from a centrosome near the nucleusThe centrosome is a microtubuleorganizing centerIn animal cells the centrosome has a pair of centrioles each with nine triplets of microtubules arranged in a ringMicrotubules control the beating of cilia and flagella locomotor appendagesCilia and flagella share a common ultrastructure
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