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DNA, structure, replication, repair

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Louis Bjostad

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8 AprilBuilding a Structural Model of DNA Scientific InquiryAfter most biologists became convinced that DNA was the genetic material the challenge was to determine how its structure accounts for its roleMaurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin were using a technique called Xray crystallography to study molecular structureFranklin produced a picture of the DNA molecule using this techniqueFranklins Xray crystallographic images of DNA enabled Watson to deduce that DNA was helicalThe Xray images also enabled Watson to deduce the width of the helix and the spacing of the nitrogenous baseThe width suggested that the DNA molecule was made up of two strands forming a double helixWatson and Crick built models of a double helix to conform to the Xrays and chemistry of DNAFranklin had concluded that there were two antiparallel sugarphosphate backbones wit
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