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Second messengers, cAMP, calcium, IP3, nuclear and cytoplasmic responses, cell signaling, apoptosis

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Louis Bjostad

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9 MarchProtein phosphatases remove the phosphates from proteins a process called dephosphorylationThis phosphorylation and dephosphorylation system acts as a molecular switch turning activities on and offSmall Molecules and Ions as Second MessengersThe extracellular signal molecule that binds to the receptor is a pathways first messengerSecond messengers are small nonprotein watersoluble molecules or ions that spread throughout a cell by diffusionSecond messengers participate in pathways initiated by G proteincoupled receptors and receptor tyrosine kinasesCyclic AMP and calcium ions are common second messengersCyclic AMPCyclic AMP cAMP is one of the most widely used second messengersAdenylyl cyc
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