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Fly growth, viruses, structure, genomes, capsids, envelopes, reproduction, lytic cycle, lysogenic cycle

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LIFE 102
Louis Bjostad

22 AprilMyoblasts produce musclespecific proteins and form skeletal muscle cellsMyoD is one of several master regulatory genes that produce proteins that commit the cell to becoming skeletal muscleThe MyoD protein is a transcription factor that binds to enhancers of various target genesAxis EstablishmentMaternal effect genes encode for cytoplasmic determinants that initially establish the axes of the body of DrosophilaThese maternal effect genes are also called eggpolarity genes because they control orientation of the egg and consequently the flyBicoid A Morphogen Determining Head StructuresOne maternal effect gene the bicoid gene affects the front half of the bodyAn embryo whose mother has a mutant bicoid gene lacks the front half of its body and has duplicate posterior structures at both endsOverview A Borrowed LifeViruses called bacteriophages can infect and set in motion a genetic takeover of bacteria such as Escherichia coliViruses lead a kind of borrowed life between lifeforms and chemicalsThe origins of molecular biology lie in early studies of viruses that infect bacteriaConcept 191 A virus consists of a nucleic acid surrounded by a protein coatViruses were detected indirectly long before they were actually seenThe Discovery of Viruses Scientific InquiryTobacco mosaic disease stunts growth of tobacco plants and gives their leaves a mosaic condition
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