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Cell cycle control system, checkpoints, gene inheritance, human chromosomes, sexual life cycles

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Louis Bjostad

23 MarchConcept 123 The eukaryotic cell cycle is regulated by a molecular control systemThe cell cycle appears to be driven by specific chemical signals present in the cytoplasmSome evidence for this hypothesis comes from experiments in which cultured mammalian cells at different phases of the cell cycle were fused to form a single cell with two nucleiThe Cell Cycle Control SystemThe sequential events of the cell cycle are directed by a distinct cell cycle control system which is similar to a clockThe cell cycle control system is regulated by both internal and external controlsThe clock has specific checkpoints where the cell cycle stops until a goahead signal is receivedFor many cells the G checkpoint seems to be the most important one1If a cell receives a goahead signal at the G checkpoint it will usually complete the S 1G and M phases and divide2If the cell does not receive the goahead signal it will exit the cycle switching into aphasenondividing state called the G0The Cell Cycle Clock Cyclins and CyclinDependent KinasesTwo types of regulatory proteins are involved in cell cycle control cyclins and cyclindependent kinases CdksThe activity of cyclins and Cdks fluctuates during the cell cycleMPF maturationpromoting factor is a cyclinCdk complex that triggers a cells passage past the G checkpoint into the M phase2Stop and Go Signs Internal and External Signals on the CheckpointsAn example of an internal signal is that kinetochores not attached to spindle microtubules send a molecular signal that delays anaphaseSome external signals are growth factors proteins released by certain cells that stimulate other cells to divide
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