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Hydrogen bonds, Van der Waals interactions, chemical reactions, chemical bonds, water, cohesion, specific heat, evaporative cooling, acid/basic, hydrophilic/hydrophobic

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LIFE 102
Louis Bjostad

24 JanuaryHydrogen BondsA hydrogen bond forms when a hydrogen atom covalently bonded to one electronegative atom is also attracted to another electronegative atomIn living cells the electronegative partners are usually oxygen or nitrogen atomsVan der Waals InteractionsIf electrons are distributed asymmetrically in molecules or atoms they can result in hot spots of positive or negative chargeVan der Waals interactions are attractions between molecules that are close together as a result of these chargesBiological molecules recognize and interact with each other with a specificity based onMolecular shapeArrangement of positive and negative chargesMolecules with similar shapes and charges can have similar biological effectsConcept 24 Chemical reactions make and break chemical bondsChemical reactions are the making and breaking of chemical bondsThe starting molecules of a chemical reaction are called reactantsThe final molecules of a chemical reaction are called productsConcept 31 The polarity of water molecules results in hydrogen bondingThe water molecule is a polar molecule The opposite ends have opposite chargesPolarity allows water molecules to form hydrogen bonds with each otherConcept 32 Four emergent properties of water contribute to Earths fitness for lifeFour of waters properties that facilitate an environment for life areCohesive behavior
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