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Steroids, proteins, polypeptides

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LIFE 102
Louis Bjostad

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31 JanuaryA diet rich in saturated fats may contribute to cardiovascular disease through plaque depositsHydrogenation is the process of converting unsaturated fats to saturated fats by adding hydrogenHydrogenating vegetable oils also creates unsaturated fats with trans double bondsThese trans fats may contribute more than saturated fats to cardiovascular diseaseThe major function of fats is energy storageHumans and other mammals store their fat in adipose cellsAdipose tissue also cushions vital organs and insulates the bodyWhen phospholipids are added to water they selfassemble into a bilayer with the hydrophobic tails pointing toward the interiorThe structure of phospholipids results in a bilayer arrangement found in cell membranesP
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