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Van der Waals interactions, hydrogen bonds, ionic bonds, hydrophobic forces, binding strength/affinity, association/dissociation constants, CML

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Life Science
LIFE 210
Paul Laybourn

29 August Intermolecular Recognition and Association Overview Mediated by “weak” noncovalent bonds and interactions kcal Collision between molecules – energies of ~ 1 mole Thermal motion or diffusion Brings molecules together Also knocks molecules apart kcal Covalent bonds require 90 to 100 mole to break kcal Noncovalent bonds require 1 to 5 mole to break So are more transient Require multiple bonds/interactions to be stable Provides specificity through “fit” Good “fit” provides for more bonds/interactions Collisions vs. Associations Have to be correctly aligned for associating Poor vs Good fit – binding specificity Four Types of Noncovalent Bonds and Interactions Van der Waals interactions Weakest kcal ~0.1 – 0.2 cal strength Not affected by water Hydrogen bonds kcal 4 mole normally kcal 1 – 3 mole in water Ionic bonds kcal ~80 mole normally kcal 3 to 20 mole in water Hydrophobic forces Only occur in water Strength varies Van der Waals, hydrogen, and ionic are electrostatic interactions Van der Waals Interactions/Attractions Induced dipole-dipole Requires atoms to be very close together No room for H O2molecules, so not affected by water Hydrogen (H) Bonds Partly electrostatic Partly covalent (H shared) Molecule that starts with H attached is donor (weak acid) Acceptor is a conjugate base Has directionality (strongest w/ molecules line up @ 180°) H 2 competes with (forms them a lot) Ionic Bonds – “salt bridges” – electrostatic Electron transferred Coulomb’s Law kq1q2 Force F = 2 Dr D = dielectric constant
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