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Chloroplast, chlorophyll, photosynthetic Z scheme, light-dependent reactions, light dependent reactions, Calvin cycle

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Life Science
LIFE 210
Paul Laybourn

10 October Introduction Overall reactions of photosynthesis 6CO +26H O + 2ight → C H O + 6O 12 6 2 es from H O 2 CO r2duced to (CH O) ca2bohydrates O 2eleased Photosynthesis light-dependent reactions + 2H 2 + 2NADP + 3ADP + 3Pi + light → O + 2NADPH + 2ATP (use to fix CO ) 2 Two Photosystems (PSII, PSI) Contain reaction centers and antenna complexes PSII oxidizes H O 2o O 2 PSII passes high energy es to PSI + H pumped on the way PSI reduces NADP to NADPH H gradient used for ATP synthesis Chloroplast – three membranes Stroma – enzymes for CO fixati2n, pH 8 Thylakoid membrane – contains PSII & I, antenna, ATP synthase Thylakoid lumen – pH 5 Chemical Components Chlorophylls – Related to Hemes Hemes have porphorin ring Chlorophylls have photoporphorin - Contain magnesium to carry es Has hydrophobic tail to anchor in membrane Absorb light Remaining components + - + NADP - nicotinamide, 2 e, H FAD – flavin – flavoprotein (FP), 1 or 2 e & H - + - + PQ - plastoquinone, 1 or 2 e & H FeS – ferredoxin (FD) Cyt b –6similar to cyt b and H L Cyt b –fin cyt bf complex, functions like ETC complex III Cu - plastocyanine (PC, functions like ETC cyt c) 2+ 3+ - 4 Mn ↔ 4 Mn - water cleaving complex (4 e from 2H O) 2 Chlorophylls are in the reaction centers of photosystems Energetics – The Photosynthetic Z Scheme ΔG – coupled reaction Coupled to light energy Light energy hits reaction center chlorophyll in photosystem II Kicks e to higher energy → passes to plastoquinone - Plastoquinone functions as lipid-soluble e carrier e carried to cytochrome b6-f complex Q cycle and proton pumping - e passed to plastocyanin Plastocyanin is peripheral membrane protein - e feed to photosystem I Photo
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