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Transport vesicles, clathrin coat, biosynthetic-secretory pathway

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Paul Laybourn

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21 October Endocytosis and Exocytosis – Transport vesicles Communication with the surrounding environment Deliver new biosynthetic material to be secreted Uptake of nutrients Transport vesicles Vesicles are membrane-enclosed transport containers Cargo: soluble and membrane components Lumen components can be passed to another compartment without having to cross a membrane Budding and fusion The biosynthetic-secretory and endocytic pathways 2 major routes Balanced flow of membrane and proteins – retrieval pathways Selectivity of cargo and target organelle Protein coats assemble on the cytosolic face of organelle membrane They concentrate specific membrane proteins in a specialized membrane patch that will form the vesicle The coat mechanism molds the forming vesicle Structure of a clathrin coat Triskelion: 3 heavy chains + 3 light chains Natural tendency to form cages (pentagons + hexagons) Assembly and disassembly of a clathrin coat Adaptor proteins link clathrin to the membrane Adaptor proteins recruit selected transmembrane proteins such as receptors Recycling of coat compounds Not all coats form basket-like structures (e.g. retromer) Different types of phospholipids label the various organelles Monomeric GTPases control coat assembly and disassembly Arf proteins (clathrin and COPI) Sar1 (COPII) Cytosolic proteins
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