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Actin, myosin, kinesins, dyneins

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Life Science
LIFE 210
Paul Laybourn

14 November Actin-based motor proteins are members of the Myosin superfamily 2 heavy chains and 4 light chains Heavy chain: globular head domain + long coiled-coil that mediates dimerization (tail) The tail bundles itself with the tails of other myosin molecules (muscle myosin) Myosin tail-tail interactions form large bipolar “thick filaments” Contains several hundred myosin heads that bind and hydrolyze ATP Good for sliding actin filaments of opposite orientation Basis of muscle contraction (muscle myosin) The myosin head alone can generate filament sliding in vitro The motor activity is contained within the head domain Members of the Myosin superfamily Not just in muscle All share a similar motor domain but the tails are very diverse. Many form dimers like Myo. II One of them moves towards the minus end of the actin filament. Yeast has Myo I, II, and V There are tw
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