Spectrophotometry, Beer-Lambert law, enzyme kinetics

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Life Science
LIFE 212
Farida Safadi- Chamberlain

7 September Notes Spectrophotometry: Employs Beer’s Law: relates Absorbance to concentration of substances in solution Enzyme kinetics Extraction of enzyme Tyrosinase using high salt precipitation Principles of Spectrophotometry I = T (Transmittance) I0 A = -log10 A = absorbance, optical density Monochromatic – only absorbing one wavelength Beer – Lambert Law Factors affecting Absorbance of solutions Concentration (c) Pathlength (L) centimeters Extinction coefficient (E) : also called Molar absorptivity Absorbance of a unit concentration of a solute in a solution, depends on the chemical nature of the su-1ta-1e, has the units of reciprocal concentration and length (M cm ) Direct linear relationship of Absorbance to concentration of a solute A = ELC A C = EL A E = CL
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