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Life Science
LIFE 212
Farida Safadi- Chamberlain

22 August LIFE 212 course information Syllabus: read the syllabus thoroughly Laboratory Manual, 2 edition RamCT – Lectures, Updates, Discussions TA Office hours: spread over the week Lecture 30 – 40 min in Recitation, powerpoints, Quiz Quizzes Prelab writeup Lab notebooks/verified by/sign out with TA Lab reports Due on Mondays in Recitation Lab tech grade: 10 points Absence not allowed Extra credit questions Lab notebook writeup Introduction Materials and methods Results and discussion (tear out report) – Fill, submit for grading, tape the graded report in your notebook Conclusion Use ink pens for writing Cross out any empty spaces LIFE 212 Course Information Pre-lab writeup: Introduction, materials, and protocol Verified by/sign in and out with TA After the lab: Fill the Report: turn in for grading Tape the graded report in the notebook Write conclusions (see syllabus) Quizzes: Open notebook Includes material from last and current week’s lab Lab reports: Due on Mondays in Recitation one week after the lab Late assignments lose points Lab tech grade: 10 points Prelab writeup (5 points) Bench cleanup, glassware return and seriousness about conducting the experiments (5 points) Absence: Missing a lab is NOT allowed Contact instructors ONLY Prior arrangement to attend other sections during the week Illness needs doctor’s note LIFE 212 Testing and Grading Assessment Pts each Total points % 11 Quizzes 20 220 13 13 Lab Reports 50 – 100 760 44 2 Notebook grades 100 200 12 2 Exams 200 400 23.4 13 Lab tech grade 10 130 7.6 Total 1710 points 100 EXTRA CREDIT QUESTIONS are not part of the total points of 1710 Student Misconduct: Cheating and Plagiarism are not allowed and can result in serious disciplinary actions! Experiment 1: Objectives Part 1 Express concentrations of solutions Convert concentrations from one expression to another Part 2 Accuracy Precision of data measurement Part 1: concentrations of solutions Units Concentrations of solutions Units Biochemists use units such as grams, moles, and Liters. Their multiples and subdivisions Milli 10-3 Micro 10 -6 -9 Nano 10 -12 Pico 10 Write legibly Concentrations of Solutions: Expressions and calculations Solution: solute dissolved in solvent Amount: quantity (grams, moles, or #) vs. volume Theamountof solute Concentration: Thevolumeof solvent amount(g) (mol) Concentration: or volume(L) (L) g mg μg mol mmol mmol Examples: L , mL , mL or L or L or mL Three Expressions of Concentrations Molarity mol L = M Mass g mg volume ( L , mL ) Percentage g mL ( 100mL ) o
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