Controlling microbes, factors affecting antibiotic efficiency, chemical agents, physical agents, antibiotics, treating viruses

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 300
Erica Suchman

11 FebruaryControlling microbesSterilizationno living cells spores or virusesDisinfectantdisinfectionkilling inhibiting removing organisms that cause disease from inanimate objectsSanitizationreducing microbial s to levels safe for the publicAntisepticskill or inhibit infection causing organisms from living tissueGermicideskill certain organisms ie fungicide viricide bactericideFactors affecting antibiotic efficiencyPopulation sizelarger population takes longerPopulation compositionbacteria vary in susceptibilityConcentration of antimicrobial agenthigher works fasterLength of exposurelonger works betterTemperatureoften higher temp works betterLocal environmentchemicals in the environment may increase or decrease antimicrobial efficiencyHeat more effective if in acidOrganic matter may reduce efficiency of antimicrobial agentsChemical agents commonly usedChemicalHow it worksUsesDisrupts proteins and PhenolsDisinfectants LysolmembranesDisrupts proteins and AlcoholDisinfectants and antisepticsmembranesHalogensInactivate proteinsChlorineWater purification
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