New Belgium brewery, yeast management, pure culturing, yeast propagation, contamination detection

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Colorado State University
Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 300
Erica Suchman

10 MayYeast Management at New BelgiumMaintain pure cultures that may be used for fermentationsPropagate yeast to keep fermentations consistent and clean of contaminationWhat is meant by pure cultureA single strain of a yeast species grown in isolation from other yeast strains and free from any microbiological eg bacterial contaminantsPure culturing of brewing yeastPure culturesconsistent productsTechnology over 100 years oldCulturing must be free of contaminant microbesPure yeast cultures can be isolated as individual colonies streak platingPropagation of brewing yeastWhy propagate yeastTo produce sufficient yeast in good physiological conditionTo avoid mutationsMinimize contaminationsPrevent problems sluggish fermentations off flavors like HSdiacetyl 2maltotriose uptake altered flocculation patternsMutations in brewing yeastYeast mutations are relatively commonThe most frequent mutations are
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