Immune response, lymphocytes, antibodies, primary vs. secondary immune response, polio vaccine

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 300
Erica Suchman

20 FebruaryImmune responseNonspecific barriers last lectureGeneralPhysicalChemicalBiologicalThese are all referred to as the innate immune response which is nonspecific ie it protects against all microbes not a specific microbeSpecific immunity 4 typesNaturally acquiredActive from infectionLifetimechicken poxFew yearstetanusPassive from mother through placenta milkWeeks to monthsNote why infants given PCR HIV test looks for viral DNA in cellsNot ELISA looks for antibodies against virusMother HIVELISA so is baby even if no virusCant test for antibodies in baby since they could be the mothersArtificially acquiredActive from vaccine before contactLifetimesmallpox Hep BFew yearstetanusVaccines that do not last long are boosteredDepends on how strong an immune response vaccine induces
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