Epidemiology, source of infections, route of pathogen transmission, susceptibility of population, antigenic changes in microbes

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 300
Erica Suchman

25 FebruaryEpidemiologyTerminologySporadic diseaseoccurs occasionally at irregular intervals eg typhoidEndemic diseasesteady frequency often low level in population eg herpes viruses HSV EBV CMV chickenpox HPV 70 of sexually active women 50 menEpidemicoccurrence higher than expected eg SARSIndex casefirstOutbreaksudden occurrence higher than expected in a small group eg legionnairesPandemicoccurrence higher than expected world wide eg influenza HIVNosocomial infectionillnesses associated with hospitalizationCDC study10 of hospital patients develop 24 million per yearEg VREvancomycin resistant enterococcusZoonosesanimal disease transmitted to humansGiardia rodents dogs cats cattle deerHanta virus deer mice 4White tummyUrinefecesCauses pneumonia hemorrhagic fever 50 morality ratePlague domestic and wild rodentsRabies dogs cats bats rodents cattleSalmonella birds reptiles mammalsInteresting fact 80 of the 1300 known diseases are zoonotic 100 are human specificStatisticsMorbidity rateindividuals in population that become illMortality rateof individuals in population who die
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