Microbial nutrition, autotrophs, heterotrophs, growth factors, binary fission, bacterial growth curve

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 300
Erica Suchman

27 FebruaryMicrobial nutritionfor growth ALL microbes requireMacroelements required by organisms in large amountsC O H N S Pused to produce lipids proteins nucleic acids2223K Ca Mg Fe Fecations variety of functionsRequirements for C HOHeterotrophsglucose COH fats proteins organic materials6611AutotrophsCO no H must get elsewhere fix CO into organic materials 22reduce make covalent bondsTrace elements required by organisms in small amounts so small they can be acquired from water media etcEnergy can be gained 3 waysTrap light energyphototrophsLight energy used to fix CO into organics2Oxidization of organic moleculesCOH oxidized to COproduce energy66112ChemoorganotrophsOxidation of inorganic moleculesNO ONOproduces energy223ChemolithotrophsNote chemo means gains energy from chemicals either organic or inorganicElectronsHeOrganic moleculesorganotrophsInorganic moleculeslithotrophs4 Nutritional Groups
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