Acute radiation syndrome, sickle cell anemia, dengue fever, equine infectious anemia, listeria

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
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MIP 315A
Gerald Callahan

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5 May40 questions for final from previous examsEtiology pathogenesisrisk factors from presentations52 questions totalAcute Radiation SyndromeOccurs hours to weeks after exposure to total body irradiationHematopoietic syndrome least lethalGastrointestinal syndromeCerebrovascular syndrome most lethalTargets DNADirect damageparticle breaks bondsIndirectreactive oxygen species formed in cellIndirect more commonRapidly dividing cells most vulnerableSources environairlinesairportsnuclear accidents warfaremedicalfoodHematopoietic 27 SvBone marrow stem cell deathDepletion of blood cellsSusceptible to infectionsepsisUncontrollable bleeding no plateletsDeath or recovery within 60 days50 exposed dieGastrointestinal 830 SvSmall intestine fastest cell divisionStem cell death in cryptsDepletion of epitheliumBacteriasepsis
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