UV light, cancer, infectious disease of skin, herpes, acne, eczema, genetic mutations, trisomy 21, Turner's, Klinefelter's

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Colorado State University
Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 315A
Gerald Callahan

14 AprilExam covers GI system through genetic diseaseUltraviolet LightUVC 100280 nm radiation is filtered out by ozone in the stratosphereOnly a small amount reaches the earths surfaceUVB 280320 nm radiation poses a threat to life on earth even though some of it is filtered out by ozone in the stratosphereThe cumulative exposure of UVB radiation may cause sunburn cataracts suppressed immune systems premature aging including wrinkles and skin discolorations as well as skin cancer3UVA 321300 nm requires 10 times more than UVB to produce sunburnMost common skin cancer is basal cell carcinomasRarely metastasizeSlowgrowingSquamous cell carcinomasMore dangerousGreater risklonger cumulative sun exposureMelanomaMost dangerousHighly metastaticSometimes arise from preexisting moles but usually a new spotInfectious diseases of skinFungal superficial mycosesBacterial staphylococci and streptococciViral herpes
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