Bacteria, septic/endotoxic shock, E. Coli, tetanus, botulism, staph, salmonella

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 315A
Gerald Callahan

20 JanuaryObjectivesUnderstand the nature and function of the normal floraKnow the general characteristics of bacteriaUnderstand how intercellular bacteria cause diseaseUnderstand how endotoxins cause shockUnderstand how exotoxins cause diseaseDNA surveys of the belly button inner elbows and elsewhere reveal diverse microbial communities Belly button has many more bacteria than between the toesLargest concentration of bacteria is in the gut especially the large intestineBacteria and individualityIdentical twins may share appearances mannerisms even clothesbut the microbes living in their guts are anything but the same Communities of bacteria in adult identical twins differ dramaticallyClassificationSpherical Cocci Rodlike Bacili or Spiral Spirochetes in shapeGramnegative grampositiveBacteria have cell wallsreferred to as flora Have chromosomes ribosomes enzymes capable of reproducingBacterial PathogenesisAttachment to and invasion of cells followed by cellular destruction or alteration of cellular physiologyBacteria grow in body fluidseg blood Septicemia or Bacteramia and urine Bacteuria
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