Linked recognition, B cell activation/proliferation/differentiation, primary foci, affinity maturation, antibody types, transport of IgA

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Colorado State University
Microbio, Immun, Pathology
MIP 342
Alan Schenkel

1 AprilLinked RecognitionWhat is itB cell and T cell become activated by associated epitopes not necessarily the sameLinked recognition can be exploited in vaccine developmentFor example HIB vaccineHaemophilus influenza type b bacteriaB cell binds virus through viral coat proteinvirus particle is internalized and degradedpeptides from internal proteins of the virus are presented to the T cell which activates the B cellactivated B cell produces antibody against viral coat proteinB cell binds bacterial polysaccharide epitope linked to tetanus toxoid proteinantigen is internalized and processedpeptides from protein component are presented to the T cellactivated B cell produces antibody against polysaccharide antigen on the surface of the bacteriumB Cell Activation Proliferation and DifferentiationB cells from circulation enter LNspleen via HEVEncounter antigen at TcellBcell border and get activated by signal 1 BCRantigen and signal 2 THMigrate to a primary focus not a follicle in medullary sinus and make early IgM which enters circulationMigrate to primary follicles which grow into secondary follicles with germinal centersTwo genetic alterations occuraffinity maturation through somatic hypermutation class isotype switchingPrimary fociThe activated B cells and T helpers hang out in the primary foci proliferating for a few days and make early antibodyThen they either die or migrate to follicles to differentiateSome activated B cells stop proliferating and die after a few daysPrimary folliclesecond follicle
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