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Antibodies, toxin neutralization, venoms, blocking of viral infection/bacterial adhesion, classic complement pathway, Fc receptors

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Microbio, Immun, Pathology
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MIP 342
Alan Schenkel

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3 AprilAntibiodies Neutralize Bacterial ToxinsMany toxins have 2 domainspartslock and key section to get in toxic sectionAntibody binds to section that binds to cellToxin binds to cellular receptorsendocytosis of toxinreceptor complexesdissociation of toxin to release active chain which poisons cellAntibody protects cell by blocking binding of toxinIgA important at mucosa and IgG important within blood and tissuesVenomsCan be extremely toxic and deadlyOften very fastacting no time for adaptive immunity to make antibodies against itPassive immunization is the only solutionA small amount of venom is injected into the horsesheep to elicit an antibody responseThe antivenom antibody is then harvested from the horse and injected into bitten humansdogsAntibodies Block Viral InfectionViruses are tropic for specific tissues based on the presence of particular cell surface receptorsAntibodies directly bind to viral receptorbinding proteinsVirus binds to receptors on cell surfacereceptormediated endocytosis of virusacidification of endosome after endocytosis triggers fusion of virus with cell and entry of viral DNAAntibody blocks binding to virus receptor and can also block fusion eventAntibodies Block Bacterial AdhesionBacteria have adhesins
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